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Saint Mary of Magdala

Saint Mary of Magdela is far more than just one of the Myrrhbearing Women the church remembers on the Third Sunday of Pascha; her life is of such great magnitude that it is referred to as the Primacy of Mary. That Mary of Magdala is venerated in the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, several Protestant churches, and even in the Baha’i Faith tradition, speaks of her prominence.

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At the conclusion of a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, the community gathered on the front lawn of the church to bless a newly designed and constructed church sign made by Mr Patrick Dolan from our church community. A senior at Coventry High School, Patrick, 17, initiated the idea of constructing a new church sign in the Spring; it became his Eagle Scout Project. Patrick devoted much time and energy working on the sign, which he finished just a week ago.

 It was only appropriate Archbishop Nikon bless the sign, as he was directly responsible for making the sign possible. His Eminence had made a sizeable donation to Holy Trinity several months ago, and it was then decided his offering would be the first in helping Patrick purchase the necessary materials.

Barbara Lacey graciously shared her first impressions of the new sign, "It's quite the eye catcher! The maroon paint of the sign matches the maroon door. Both are perfect foils for the gold letters on the sign and the newly painted gold cross over the door. The shape of the sign is pleasing, moderate in size, ornamented with gentle curves and points in the carving. The gilded incised letters of the church name is very visible, even from a distance.  New landscaping, with plantings of yellow and violet mums make an excellent accompaniment, all framed by the shrubbery which is cut at just the right height to emphasize the sign.  "I first saw the church sign yesterday ... Several of us were able to view the sign at sunset, so we know it's stunning, both at evening and during the day. And we're sure you'll be impressed and love it, too, as will Archbishop Nikon!"

Members of Patrick’s extended family in New Jersey, who were with us in full force today, and from Massachusetts, along with parishioners from Holy Trinity, also offered financial assistance to Patrick over the summer months. During that time, Patrick kept us at Holy Trinity informed as to his progress, so the excitement within our community continued to build.

Back inside the church, the community sang Many Years to Patrick in deep appreciation for his contribution to our church community. The sign will clearly announce our church’s presence on the busy intersection of Valley Street and Mansfield Avenue in Willimantic for years to come.

As of way of driving this point home, at the very end of the Blessing Service, at a time the clergy were richly adorned in vestments, and the faithful dressed in ‘Sunday Church Clothes’, either a homeless or unemployed man pushing a shopping cart full or soda cans made his way past our church. It was a reminder what who we are all called to be, servants to the Master.

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