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Paschal Message 2022

At the epicenter of Christ’s resurrection, this explosion of love, is the person of Mary of Magdala, a small fishing town on the shore of the sea of Galilee; today we pause to reflect on Mary’s importance to the Christian faith. Mary has unfairly been the object of confusion, and at times, derision; certainly she has been mischaracterized.

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St Nicholas made his annual visit to Holy Trinity after Divine Liturgy this morning (December 2). He appeared as our youth and children sang, "Holy Father, Nicholas." St Nicholas visited with the children for quite some time, telling a story or two about his good works while in Myra in Lycia.

As is his custom, St Nicholas filled our children's shoes with candy and distributed small gifts. St Nicholas also passed out a paper icon to our children. Because it is always better to give than receive - St Nicholas spoke wonderfully to the children about this Christian act - he had the children hand out gingerbread tree ornaments (thank you Carol Kaputa) which they were asked to pass out to one of our parish's adult members.

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