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Paschal Message 2022

At the epicenter of Christ’s resurrection, this explosion of love, is the person of Mary of Magdala, a small fishing town on the shore of the sea of Galilee; today we pause to reflect on Mary’s importance to the Christian faith. Mary has unfairly been the object of confusion, and at times, derision; certainly she has been mischaracterized.

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The Holy Trinity Church community paused today to honor our church's children on this Second Sunday of the Lenten season. Our church has undergone a renaissance since mid-January with the addition of two new families and nine children. It is now common for us to have between 16-18, and sometimes even 20 children, in church for Divine Liturgy each Sunday. That the children are ages 8 months - 12 years, means there will be many years that they will be able to grow together in their love for God, country, and church.

"We always prayed for parish growth, and encouraged our parish members to do the same, so that God would send us people. And he has," said HTOC pastor Father Marc Vranes. "We just never expected it would happen so suddenly, and in the middle of winter, no less. We are grateful to Almighty God for his benevolence to us at Holy Trinity." 

After Liturgy this morning, a Dance Party DJ'd by Mr. Timothy Fetzko, our Parish Council President, webmaster, and church photographer, was held downstairs in the church hall. Additionally the community celebrated 2 birthdays today.  Sub-Deacon Luke (Chet) Andrzejewski and Johnny Fetzko both had cakes in their honor, and received heartfelt renditions of 'Happy Birthday.'  All the children had a blast, parents too. There was also plenty of pizza for everyone at Holy Trinity to dive into. A good time was had by all.

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