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Paschal Message 2022

At the epicenter of Christ’s resurrection, this explosion of love, is the person of Mary of Magdala, a small fishing town on the shore of the sea of Galilee; today we pause to reflect on Mary’s importance to the Christian faith. Mary has unfairly been the object of confusion, and at times, derision; certainly she has been mischaracterized.

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Christ Risen.

The community at Holy Trinity celebrated its Holy Week services and Holy Pascha with great solemnity and prayer. At each service, our choir sang prayerfully and with great joy. The responses for the Matins of Holy Friday was sung by four students from the University of Conecticuts's Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Their voices served to uplift all of us.

The Burial Service and Internment of our Lord was served on Holy Friday, followed by several members of Holy Trinity going to Holy Confession. Our community gathered again on the morning of Holy Saturday, then again on the night of Holy Pascha, followed by a festive Agape Meal.

In addition to our outstanding choir, our community was well served in the altar and during Holy Week by Dr Chet Andrzejewski, Evan Zadrozny, and the Fetzko twins, Alex and Anna.

Truly, He is Risen.

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