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Saint Mary of Magdala

Saint Mary of Magdela is far more than just one of the Myrrhbearing Women the church remembers on the Third Sunday of Pascha; her life is of such great magnitude that it is referred to as the Primacy of Mary. That Mary of Magdala is venerated in the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, several Protestant churches, and even in the Baha’i Faith tradition, speaks of her prominence.

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Members of Holy Trinity Church returned to Covenant Soup Kitchen, on Saturday, April 2nd, to prepare and serve meals to local homeless and those less fortunate.

Bob and Sue Dolan, Martha and Kevin Vincent and Katrina and Tim Fetzko functioned as the prime crew.  They were responsible for preparing the menu, which consisted of main entree: choice of baked pollock, or baked ziti with garden salad, fruit salad and dessert.  Bob and Kevin manned the oven and cooked the main meal while Katrina and Tim focused on the garden salad and Sue and Martha, prepared the fish, sliced strawberries, apples and Katrina sliced pineapple for fruit salad.  Several students from ECSU, earned class credits by sorting donated produce and cleaning tables.

Dining room director, Pam Davis, orchestrated meal preparation and service with amazing precision.  At 12:00PM the room lights dimmed, quiet was called for and a prayer of thanks offered by one of Covenant's frequent clients.

On this day Holy Trinity served 85 total meals.  Several individuals who came back for seconds and thirds commented on how delicious the meal was. Others came through the line more than once to take food back to a friend or roommate who might not be well enough to attend in-person.  One man, in particular, just could not seem to get his fill of dessert.

As always, volunteers were humbled by the experience.  "It's amazing how grateful all the people are," said first-time volunteer, Katrina Fetzko.  While serving the meal both Bob Dolan and Kevin Vincent remarked, "this is what's it's all about."

This is Holy Trinity's second of six scheduled Saturday's at Covenant Soup Kitchen for 2016.  The previous session was staffed by dedicated members of the UCONN Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF).  Holy Trinity will return next on June 2nd.  Anyone interested in participating please see Tim Fetzko or contact him at

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