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The Power & Operation of the Holy Spirit

By the descent of the Holy Spirit, we are made children on the Most High and are brought under his love and guidance. As a result, we are no longer orphans.

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Holy Trinity held its Harvest Fall Festival on Saturday, October 20, 2012. By anyone's recollection, this is the first time an event of this type has taken place in 20-25 years. It served as a wonderful reminder of decades since passed, when this type of festival took place annually and was important in establishing the church as community, and assisting financially as well.
Preparing for the festival over the past few months served to bring a spirit of unity and love between each other that was truly a sign of God's love. When our group of teens express the desire to be in church, and to help grow the community, then certainly, we know God cares for us in a way that is difficult to put in to words.
Certainly one of the highlights of the day was the appearance of Mrs Zenia Zlotnik, a faithful member of our community for many years. Zenia's health has not allowed her to particpate in the life of our community as consistently as she had in the past. Yet, when a video of the church's consecration on September 14, 1958 was played, Zenia sprang to life and was able to identify nearly all our her friends, and her parents, from nearly 55 years ago. It was indeed a blessed moment.

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In order to carry out the gospel message of hope and salvation, Holy Trinity committed to offering $500 from its festival proceeds to the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry's Energy Assitance Program, which is often the last stop for those in need from Windham County who are seeking warmth and light during the cold winter months. We are pleased and honored to be able to make this contribution to WAIM.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with WAIM, and hope to have a group of walkers for its annual Walk for Warmth, this year behind held on November 18. Details will be forthcoming in future weekly bulletins.
The balance of the proceeds from our festival will be used to begin replacing the current tables and wooden folding chairs in our parish hall. They have been in use for over 50 years, and although they have served the community well for over five decades, most would agree the time to replace them with something a bit more modern has arrived.
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