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The Power & Operation of the Holy Spirit

By the descent of the Holy Spirit, we are made children on the Most High and are brought under his love and guidance. As a result, we are no longer orphans.

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Mrs Evelyn Reynolds delivered the first presentation as part of Holy Trinity's monthly Adult Education Lives of the Saints Series.

Evelyn presented the life of St Moses ('the Black') of Ethiopia, detailing a life of transfiguration from aggression and violence to a life of repentance and eventually becoming a monastic and founding a monastery with 75 monks.

Evelyn's opening comments set the tone for her presentation:

"We study the lives of the saints and we are edified, and we become changed as a result of learning their life," Evelyn stated. "We should always remember the saints act as intercessors for us before the throne of God. Holy Father Saint Moses of Ethiopia, pray to God for us."

Evelyn is particularly interested in the life of St Moses. From 1950-65, Evelyn served as a Baptist missionary,living in Ethiopia for 15 years. Evelyn was received into the Orthodox Church in the year 2000. She remains extraordinarily active in pursuit of the spiritual life. She serves as a wonderful Christian example to each person at Holy Trinity. Evelyn has also signed up as a substitute teacher for our church school program. Evelyn Reynolds is 92 years old.

Today we were also joined by several returning members from our OCF extended family; including incoming freshman Sarah Luft, who joins us from St Alexis in Clinton, CT. We are grateful for Sarah's visit and wish her God's blessings as she embarks or her studies at UConn.

Many years Evelyn and Sarah! 

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