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Saint Mary of Magdala

Saint Mary of Magdela is far more than just one of the Myrrhbearing Women the church remembers on the Third Sunday of Pascha; her life is of such great magnitude that it is referred to as the Primacy of Mary. That Mary of Magdala is venerated in the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, several Protestant churches, and even in the Baha’i Faith tradition, speaks of her prominence.

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Zoe Kaputa, a 2019 graduate of Glastonbury High School, was honored today by the Holy Trinity Church community prior to her departure for Seattle and the University of Washington. Zoe was a faithful member of the HTOC Church School Program for many years. She will be missed. On behalf of the church community, Zoe was presented with a beautiful Orthodox prayer book that will hopefully be her daily companion while on the UW campus. Zoe also received a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy, and a gift card from Starbucks.

She was joined today by her brother, Ziv, a student at the University of Illinois, her parents, Angie and Frank, and paternal grandparents, Carol and Frank Kaputa. Zoe excelled both academically and athletically at GHS. We ask God's blessings on Zoe, and that she have a safe and successful four years of undergraduate studies at the University of Washington.

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The following interview took place electronically with Holy Trinity’s Zoe Kaputa, a senior at Glastonbury High School, who has announced her college decision. It was included a part of the HTOC Bulletin on June 2, 2019.

fmv:  Congratulations, Zoe. Why the University of Washington in Seattle? What did you find so appealing about the school?

Zoe: It has a very good engineering program, and I like the location.

fmv: What impressed you the most during your campus visit?

Zoe: The view of Mount Rainier from campus. There is a long quad that lines up with Mount Rainier and the view of it is legally protected.

fmv: What other schools were you considering?

Zoe: University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

fmv: What will you study at UW?

Zoe: Computer Engineering.

fmv: You indicated early on in the college process you wanted to go to school far away. Seattle certainly qualifies. Why was that important to you?

Zoe: I would like to experience new cultures, new ways of life, and meet a variety of people.

fmv: Your brother, Ziv, is already in Seattle for the summer working for Amazon. Although your paths will not cross, what kind of feedback about Seattle will you be looking to receive from him?

Zoe: Good places to eat and using public transportation.

fmv: Aside from the classroom, and the library of course, what else will you look forward to the next four years at the University, and in Seattle?

Zoe: Making new friends, hiking, skiing.

fmv: It rains on the average of 150 days a year in Seattle. That’s more than in Connecticut, where it only feels as if it rains 250 days a year. Do you like rain?

Zoe: I don’t dislike rain. I don’t mind it.

fmv: Any thoughts on the Space Needle?

Zoe: I’ve already gone up it; nice view but I don’t know I’ll go up again. But it does look cool.

fmv: The first Starbucks opened in Seattle on March 31, 1971. How many cups of Starbucks coffee per week can your Mom & Dad parents expect to see charged on their credit cards?

Zoe: It depends if I bring a Keurig to school.

fmv: Well, Zoe, congrats on being a Univ. of Washington Husky. You know, you could have been a UConn Husky, too. Any final thoughts on that?

Zoe: Thank you to my parents for allowing me to go to school far away.

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