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Saint Mary of Magdala

Saint Mary of Magdela is far more than just one of the Myrrhbearing Women the church remembers on the Third Sunday of Pascha; her life is of such great magnitude that it is referred to as the Primacy of Mary. That Mary of Magdala is venerated in the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, several Protestant churches, and even in the Baha’i Faith tradition, speaks of her prominence.

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The Entrance of Our Lord into Jerusalem

The Holy Trinity community celebrated The Entrance of Our Lord into Jerusalem / Palm Sunday with a festal Divine Liturgy, served by V. Rev. Marc A. Vranes, and assisted by Sub-deacons (Dr) Chet Andrzejewski, and his son, Sub-deacon Michael, along with Mr Timothy Fetzko, our faithful church photographer, and his son, Johnny, age 4, who served as an acolyte for the first time. Always smiling and an icon of joy, Johnny was especially happy to be serving in the altar with his Dad. The ear-to-ear smile never left his face.

Prior to Divine Liturgy, bundled palms and willow branches, were blessed and distributed among the faithful. Many held their branches throughout Liturgy. Parishioner Mrs Diane Krot, along with her husband, John, and son, Brian, assembled the palms and willow branches.

During his sermon, Father Marc noted that we are the people of Palm Sunday, yet we will also become the people of Holy Week.

"We are not at all unlike the Jewish crowd who stood in Jerusalem two thousand years ago," he noted. "Our 'Hosannas' will becomes shouts of 'Crucify Him'. The Jewish people had their own expectations of Christ when he entered into the Holy City. They were in the city that day to receive a triumphant King who would rid the country of Roman occupation and establish a heavenly Jerusalem. But as we learn later in the week, Christ betrayed their expectations.

"We, too, have certain expectations of our Lord, and when he does not deliver us from sickness, suffering, and from whatever ails us, and in a timely manner, no less, we are just as likely as the people in Jerusalem to turn away from Christ. Nothing embitters a person as much as lost or disappointed hope."

Father Marc went on to note this is a Week of Expectation, and he encouraged us to sit quietly, both in the figurative and literal sense, and wait for the Lord to come. He will; he always does.

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