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Wonders of the Small Church

The small church has incredible importance and value, although it may not carry the pomp of churches in Europe and elsewhere. I have one particular small church in mind: ours.

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Prior to Divine Liturgy on St Thomas Sunday, April 19, 2015, the Holy Trinity community honored Mrs Bessie Liapes for her ongoing support.

Bessie began attending our church nearly 11 years ago after the death of her husband, +Nick Liapes. Previously, she had been a member at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Norwich, CT. Since her arrival to us more than a decade ago, Bessie has continuously been a support not only to Holy Trinity, Willimantic, but to the University of Connecticut Orthodox Christian Fellowship as well. Whenever Bessie is asked to provide something from her restaurant, Mama's Pizza, Willimantic, she has gone above and beyond. As we all like to point out from time to time, it is not so much what Bessie does, but how she does it - with joy and gratitude.

To thank Bessie for her continued kindness to Holy Trinity, an icon of St Gregory Palamas, a 14th century bishop of Thessaloniki, was presented to Holy Trinity in her honor. Prior to today, our church did not have an icon of St Gregory, and there was always a hole to fill on the center analoi on the Second Sunday of Great Lent.

The icon was presented to Bessie by Reader Steven Bradford.   

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