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Wonders of the Small Church

The small church has incredible importance and value, although it may not carry the pomp of churches in Europe and elsewhere. I have one particular small church in mind: ours.

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The quilt work of Barbara E. Lacey now adorns the church hall at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Willimantic, Connecticut.
Dr Lacey had spent the past several months making two quilts for the area behind what we refer to as the Coffee Hour table. The quilts were brought to the church on the First Sunday of Lent, and hung for all to see. The quilts are quite beautiful, the detail and colors so complementary.
Each quilt is a replica of a mosaic which were uncovered by archeologists in early Byzantine churches. Images were originally located in a Google image search, and subsequently some were examined in detail in art books with reproductions available in the library at Eastern Connecticut State University.

It was difficult for Barbara to estimate just how many hours she spent making these two quilts for our church, but her dear husband, Jim, was not afraid to offer an estimate. "Perhaps a thousand hours," Jim said, half seriously. "But honestly, at least 500."
Following are the details of each mosaic quilt:
Stylized Flower.
Detail from mosaic in Byzantine monastic church, Masada, Israel, 5th – 6th c.
Blocks: Designed by the Cosmati
(13th c. Italian craftsmen who used fragments from Roman ruins to pave and decorate cathedrals).
Decorative detail from mosaic in Rotunda of St. George, Thessaloniki, Greece, 5th c.
Blocks: Designed by the Cosmati
Border: Mausaleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna, Italy, 5th-6th c.

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