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A Priest's Perspective

Holy Trinity Rector, Very Reverend Marc A. Vranes, returned to Holy Trinity on Sunday, October 22, 2017. He had been absent the previous two weeks, home and rehabilitating, as a result of total right knee replacement surgery. Many thoughts go through one’s mind during this post-surgical time. Following are some thoughts shared by Fr Marc to his church community upon his return.

In looking at the Gospel for Sunday, November 30 (2014), The Woman with an Infirmity (Luke 13:10-17), there is certainly a lot to consider.
The healing on the Sabbath is an entirely different discussion for another day. What cannot be ignored however, is that the woman's healing was first and foremost a result of her presence in the synagogue itself.
Please note, there is no indication in the gospel account that she came looking for healing. She does not ask, she certainly does not beg.
Her being available in the temple, along with her own faithfulness and God's grace, led to her healing.
The Lucan account strongly suggests that as Christians, we cannot live apart from God. In order to avail ourselves to God's healing and mercy, we must choose to be in places where God's power is felt and experienced.
It is oftentimes said, a person does not need to be in church in order to pray and feel God's presence. It is in the church however, where our Lord's sacramental grace is felt most powerfully. Prayer in church, service in church, the Eucharist and repentance, in the Fasts and Feasts, all render us available to God.
If we come to church and make ourselves available, and we wait for God, he will come in a most powerful way; and he will heal us.
- Fr Marc Vranes

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