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Wonders of the Small Church

The small church has incredible importance and value, although it may not carry the pomp of churches in Europe and elsewhere. I have one particular small church in mind: ours.

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For the 12th consecutive year, Holy Trinity participated in the annual Souper Bowl of Caring, an ecumenical movement that draws attention to the poor, the hungry, and those in need. As part of our community's involvement, we annually assemble Gift of the Heart Health Kits in cooperation with International Orthodox Christian Charities and Church World Service.

Whenever a natural disaster strikes, health kits are distributed to those whose lives have been impacted by this tragedy. Good hygiene and cleanliness improves a person's self-esteem and respect. Each health kit contains a toothbrush, bar of soap, nail clippers, comb, six band-aids, a hand towel and wash cloth. Toothpaste is provided by other means.

This year, 53 health kits were assembled, bring Holy Trinity's 12-year total (since 2003) to 1,084. If anyone would like to make a donation of any health kit item please contact Holy Trinity pastor Fr Marc Vranes at

"In the past we would at times consider not putting health kits for a year, so as not to perhaps financially burden the community so close after Christmas." Fr Marc noted, "However everyone from our church noted the importance of not wanting to break the continuity. Obviously after 12 years, it has become our signature outreach event. To see young children, our teens and adults become so engaged in assembling health kits is a joy to watch. Serving the disadvantaged is serving the Christ himself. We are blessed in that those from our community see that direct connection."

Also on Souper Bowl Sunday, Holy Trinity held its Second Annual Tailgate where parishioners were encouraged to bring in their favorite tailgate food. Teens Maya Morrison, Andrew Dolan, and Amadeo Ruiu acted as judges. Tim Fetzko earned second prize and a $10 Target gift card, and Susan Dolan won first prize ($20 Target Gift Card). Each person was asked to also made a small donation that would be passed along to IOCC. A total of $38 was raised Sunday.

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