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Everything is a Gift

God is everywhere; he is as available to us as easily as it is to inhale and exhale breath. We are never alone. He remains more accessible to us than we are aware. This is why, if our thinking remains shallow, and we are unwilling to go to a deeper level of understanding, than nothing will change.

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The power of the Holy Spirit was felt powerfully at Holy Trinity on the morning of August 25, 2013, when Mrs Bonnie Morrison was received into the Orthodox Church through the Sacrament of Holy Chrismation on the occasion of her 45th birthday. Bonnie has been a faithful and devoted worshipper at Holy Trinity for over two years. Bonnie joins her two girls, Madegan, 15, and Maya, 11, who were baptized in December, 2012, and became Orthodox Christians.

Bonnie characterizes what it is to be a Christian soul. She is a prayerful woman who is aware of God's saving grace. She enjoys communion with other Christians through spiritual conversations and is moved by God's forgiveness. Bonnie is always happy which serves the uplift anyone who she comes into contact with. Our church is better for her passion and zeal.

Bonnie Kathleen Buser was born in Wichita, Kansas, on August 25, 1968. She was baptized three weeks later at the Roman Catholic Church of the Magdalen in Wichita. Prior to moving to Connecticut several years ago, Bonnie and her family lived in Mississippi. Bonnie’s journey to the Orthodox Church has been a long one. We are overjoyed for her.

The Holy Trinity community hosted a festive luncheon for Bonnie. The joy that so often accompanies these special events at Holy Trinity was once again felt by each person in attendance. Bonnie was presented with an icon of St Katherine the Great Martyr by the Holy Trinity community.

Click to read: Bonnie's personal testimonial

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