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A Priest's Perspective

Holy Trinity Rector, Very Reverend Marc A. Vranes, returned to Holy Trinity on Sunday, October 22, 2017. He had been absent the previous two weeks, home and rehabilitating, as a result of total right knee replacement surgery. Many thoughts go through one’s mind during this post-surgical time. Following are some thoughts shared by Fr Marc to his church community upon his return.

Christ is Risen contains the entire meaning of the Christian faith, the essence of the Christian faith.

Christ is Risen, and the dead in the tombs are alive. Christ is Risen, and death is defeated. Christ is Risen, and the Kingdom of God is inaugurated.

Several weeks ago, Orthodox Christian celebrated the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. Yet Pascha night is now over, the candles have been extinguished, the food has been eaten, and what do we see is different? Everything looks the same, and nothing has changed.

But this happens only if we look with the eyes of our faith. Looking at everything with our heart however, reveals an entire different reality.

If everything we celebrated is true on Pascha, then everything is new, whether any other person knows it or not. As long as we believe and are changed by the events of Christ’s Resurrection, then isn’t all that really matters?

You see, Christ’s Resurrection is not simply the annual commemoration of a past event, but it can serve as the source of powerful transformation. Pascha and the forty days which follow have the power to change our hearts; change the way we live, change the way we talk, walk, and perceive things.

Pascha changes everything … if we allow it to.

Just think if each person were able to transmit the love and power of Pasha to just one other Christian soul, just think how the world would be changed? That’s the challenge each person faces going forward. May God bless our efforts.

- Fr Marc Vranes

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