St. Nicholas Day 2011 - 12/04/11

Our annual Saint Nicholas Day Celebration, followed Divine Liturgy.  As is the parish custom, Saint Nicholas visited, told several stories about his life, then distributed gifts to our youth. Children's shoes were also filled with candy treats.
Gathering children to lead the procession before the Great Entrance
One of our youngest is ready to lead
The children return icons to the wall following the Great Entrance
Fr. Marc blesses crosses for our parishioners
A few moments of play after Divine Liturgy
Parishioners enjoy coffee hour and conversation
The children eagerly await the arrival of Saint Nicholas!
Saint Nicholas has arrived!
The jolly Saint receives a warm reception
Saint Nicholas reads stories of his life to the parish
Our youth listen attentively
The entire parish listens to Saint Nicholas
He tells a story about how he saved three poor sisters from a life of servitude
Fr. Marc holds part of the audience
Candy in the shoes!
What a surprise!
The church is readied for next week's baptism
The generous Saint presents gifts to our youth
An assist from Fr. Marc
One more to go!
Fr. Marc thanks Saint Nicholas for visiting with do we all. Thank you Solomon for portraying Saint Nicholas so excellently!