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Wonders of the Small Church

The small church has incredible importance and value, although it may not carry the pomp of churches in Europe and elsewhere. I have one particular small church in mind: ours.

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From the tomb of my dead and sinful heart
Rise in power oh Christ my Saviour
Transforming me to be like Thee
For the glory of Thy Risen Name!

A prayer for this sacred time.
Offered by Bruce Maxwell


The Holy Trinity community celebrated its Holy Week & Pascha services with prayerful devotion and humility. The Divine Services, beginning with Lazarus Saturday and culminating in Holy Pascha, were attended in a way never experienced at Holy Trinity for at least several decades.

The Matins of Holy Thursday with the Reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels were attended by 28 members, followed by 45 at the Burial Vespers on Great & Holy Friday, and that, in turn, was followed by 42 members and children at the Vespers Liturgy on Holy Saturday. Over 100 people (best estimate 105) filled every space in the church to capacity on Saturday night.

On the night of Holy Pascha, five girls between the ages of 10-14, stood below the solea and received the light of the Resurrection to begin Matins. The girls then turned to light the candles of every person in church in anticipation of the upcoming procession. The girls routinely take part in all the entrances and hold the antidoron bowl during Communion. We are hopeful of adding to this ministry in the months ahead.  The expanded Saint Olympia Handmaiden Ministry which is compromised of young girls who perform certain liturgical functions during all worship services. At all the Divine Services during Holy Week, the Communion Cloth was held by daughters and mothers, and on Holy Saturday 14-year-old twins, a brother and sister, held the Communion Cloth.

"As their parents, we are very proud to see our twin son and daughter holding the Communion Cloth during Holy Saturday Divine Liturgy, as well as serving reverently and responsibly througout Holy is incredibly meaningful for Katrina and I to watch them grow into young adults in our church." Mr. Timothy Fetzko explained with emotion.

"It was an experience that will in all likelihood never be forgotten," said V. Rev. Marc A. Vranes. "Our Divine Services had been well attended in the past, but never, ever, like this year. The power and presence of God in our midst brought many to tears throughout the weekend."

"I was pleased to see so many faithful members of our community to step up for items on the procession so quickly. Before I had to read, I had a full list, and everyone served so well. All of the altar servers were on point, very reverent and I was amazed at how on time we were for each entrance. Timing was impeccable. Growing in the Lord with this community has been the true highlight of my life, and I am so blessed to be a part of somewhere full of life and faith." said Zach Novosad.

The Holy Trinity Choir, under the direction of Juliana Veek, sang prayerfully, beautifully, and with gusto. For the first time in many years too, the choir offered hymns sung in Greek and Slavonic as well. Many read and served in the altar the past eight days. On the night of Holy Pascha after the Resurrection Gospel was read in English, it was announced in Spanish by Mr. Reuben Manning.

Holy Trinity was also active on social media throughout Holy Week by posting several galleries and reels.

Facebook Reels:

Thursday Evening - Matins of Holy Thursday with Reading of Twelve Passion Gospels:

Friday Evening - Vespers of Holy Friday with Entombment:

Saturday Morning - Holy Saturday Vespers & Divine Liturgy with 15 Old Testament Readings:

Saturday Night - HOLY PASCHA:

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