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A Priest's Perspective

Holy Trinity Rector, Very Reverend Marc A. Vranes, returned to Holy Trinity on Sunday, October 22, 2017. He had been absent the previous two weeks, home and rehabilitating, as a result of total right knee replacement surgery. Many thoughts go through one’s mind during this post-surgical time. Following are some thoughts shared by Fr Marc to his church community upon his return.

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At the conclusion of Divine Liturgy Sunday, V. Rev. Marc Vranes presented the Orthodox Christian Fellowship at the University of Connecticut with a check in the amount of $557 to assist them in their on campus ministry in nearby Storrs, CT. For several years, Holy Trinity has made either October of November 'UConn OCF Month at Holy Trinity'.

"Being able to extend a gift which is often over $500 each year is quite noteworthy from a small parish like ours," Fr Marc said. "We encourage other parishes that are located near university campuses to become involved with this on-campus program. Our parish has been changed forever because of the annual commitment these young men and women from the University of Connecticut make to our community. We are better for their presence."

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