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Everything is a Gift

God is everywhere; he is as available to us as easily as it is to inhale and exhale breath. We are never alone. He remains more accessible to us than we are aware. This is why, if our thinking remains shallow, and we are unwilling to go to a deeper level of understanding, than nothing will change.

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The Holy Trinity community welcomed its shepherd, His Eminence, Archbishop NIKON into our midst for his annual Archpastoral visit on Sunday, October 20, 2013. It was a beautiful Fall day in New England, one we will always cherish and always remember.

 The day was special for another reason as well as Archbishop Nikon celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his consecration to the Episcopacy (October 22, 2003). The Holy Trinity community presented His Eminence with an altar gospel, along with a box of Godiva chocolates.

During his sermon, Archbishop Nikon preached on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. He pointed out there are Lazarus’ in our midst at all times, those whose existence is solely dependent on the goodness of others; the homeless, the unemployed, all those who live with afflictions and in distress, and depend on the crumbs which fall from our tables, can be described as Lazarus'. He went on to say that it is not a sin to be rich, or possess wealth, but to have riches and wealth and not to share them is the sin.

Also serving with Archbishop Nikon this morning were Protodeacon Paul Nimchek, Sub-deacons Michael Arida, John Barrone, and Paul Stenko;  Timothy Fetzko, Andrew Dolan, Amadeo Ruiu, Ziv Kaputa, and Peter Hopko.

A roast beef and ham dinner was served downstairs in the church hall to all those who attended. Archbishop Nikon sat at a table with our teens and several college students answering questions they had prepared. It was a wonderful day, one that did not end until after 2:00pm.

"This is a very strong community," Archbishop Nikon commented. "I felt something here today at Holy Trinity that I don't always feel when I visit our churches."

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