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All Saints Sunday 2017

For the one who had achieved theosis, they knew the only true joy on earth, and the only way to enter into a deeper relationship with God, was to escape from the prison that was their own false self. Theirs was the way of the cross, and a life of self-denial.

The Christian Life is a Good Life
The Awesome Judgment
The Awesome Judgment
The Awesome Judgment

God created man for three reasons: 1) to come to the knowledge of him, 2) to live in communion with him, and 3) to fulfill his will. There is no life in Christ separate from these commands. 

All three are accomplished when man embraces the dogma that each moment in our live has been given to us as a free gift by God, and that we are called to use this life to become a reflection of him.

Instead, man continues to be gripped by things which control our life; jealousy, resentment, fear, and being so self-absorbed it remains hard to put in human words. These things take possession of us so completely, we die a death of sorts. Not a death in the physical sense of the word, but a death which results in a tragic alienation which separates us from all that is good, all that is from God, all that is beautiful, and full of meaning and joy. Sin has a way of doing this, and taking our attention off the one who is holy and worthy of our prayer and energies.

Although the world remains dark, cruel, and cold as a result of sin; man remains the object of God’s attention and love. To desire a life which is not rooted in Christ is a life which will go unfulfilled on a human level. We will search and remain empty. The Christian life is a good life, lived on a narrow road, but a life which is full of blessings and joy that only the person who has committed himself to Christ can possibly know.

-Fr Marc Vranes

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